Days of my Life with Twenty19 & the Improving the “twenty19ian idea” :-

        About 3 months back , as I was browsing the internet , I found a fan page in facebook-twenty19. I then visited the website for twenty19 which turned out to be a portal for internships-something interesting . I also observed that there was a spot for the requirement of campus ambassador for twenty19 , which I then applied . I was already the mozilla firefox campus rep , & I wondered how campus ambassador programme would change my life . 

As days passed , I was selected as the campus ambassador programme & it inturn proved to be a changing point of my life . I updated the details of my account at twenty19 & also uploaded my resume.

Also , I started applying for a few internships as I was desperate to be an intern. I also started doing some of the simple tasks which were presented to me every week . Then came the campus tribe- the official google groups for all the campus ambassadors in twenty19 & there was almost a revolution happening over there . Right from the introductions to the bugfixes , ideas were pouring in , which in turn helped twenty19 grow. The task does by many campus ambassadors were noteworthy but there was something which always kept the tribe alive . That was the involvement of the twenty19 team with the tribe . Right from posters to visiting cards , everything was provided to the campus ambassadors . Well , I suggested an idea too – planning for meetups in various cities for the campus ambassadors , I suggested it because I wanted the meet the brains behind twenty19 . Happy that the meet ups are being held 🙂

Still wondering how twenty19 is a success ? Its the dedicated effort the the twenty19 team that accounts for the success of twenty19 . A revolutionary UI by Sid , wonderful networking by Rahul , great inputs for the website by the team,  well lead by KK . A majority of the success is because of the workshops held by twenty19 in various colleges  & the campus ambassadors popularising it across the country . I can now proudly say that I am campus ambassador at twenty19 🙂 I have also been shortlisted by 4 companies for their internships- 2 of which , I didnt attend , 1 which I am currently interning at & 1 more yet to be decided whether to attend or not.

The idea behind twenty19 is simple – students upload their resume & apply to the companies while companies post their openings .In other words , start ups need students , students need start ups. Twenty19 serves as an interface between them . I call this the twenty19ian concept . Start ups then shortlist the students & take the picked ones as their interns . 

Social media currently plays an important role in the world . Twenty19 already has a fan page in facebook (with 2000+ fans ) , an account at twitter(@twenty19) delivering important updates . It also has many more groups /fan pages for individual colleges/regions. Plus a mailing list which gives out the updates recommended for you !

  There can be a few more additions to it such as :-

1 . sms alerts for students .  

2. mobile apps – nokia ovi apps,symbian apps, android apps , iphone apps with the latest openings customised as per your needs ! 

3. chrome extensions with latest openings 🙂

4. wikipedia pages 

5. having twenty19 stalls at symposiums /techfests.

6. having ads on other websites. 

7. twenty19 videos in youtube.

Thank you twenty19 for letting me be a part of you ! 🙂


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