Personal Branding/ Social Media : Better use of facebook & twitter

Ideas by which one can promote individual/business using social media (facebook & twitter):-

Facebook :-

1. Create an exclusive fanpage in facebook . Make sure you get the appropriate URL . For eg . if the name of your company is sierra , 

   you can create a facebook page with url <a href="</p>

2. If you own an business , make sure you create a business group . By using groups in facebook , the group members can actually “group         chat” , a new feature in facebook.

3. For an individual create the appropriate url . for eg. if user name is shyam roy , url can be

4. Creating ads in facebook (the one that appears on the right hand side column)

5. Create facebook badges & put them in your websites/blogs. 

6. Create facebook apps with “universal like” button & install them in your websites/blogs.

7. Often make posts such that common man will be able to see,share & “like” it.

8. Invite all your friends from gmail/any email id using the invite option so that you can reach out to the maximum no. of people.


Twitter :-

1. Create a profile with eye catching twitter handle. Avoid numerals/special characters in twitter handles. 

2. Make wise use of the hash tag . for eg . if your business organisation name is sierra , you can use #sierra for all mentions/references to           sierra so that one can search for it using the hash tag.

3. Make sure you reach out the maximum people . 

4. Develop twitter clients/apps based on python/php/java(any app)that displays details of your website/organisation website.

5. Tweet often . followers will start following you automatically !

6. Make “live tweeting ” of events in your organisation.

7. Use the twitter app that displays your recent tweets in your website . Blogs such as blogger , wordpress have ready made apps built in .


Both facebook & twitter are important for social media as they are well recognised by the google analytics . By the page ranking algorithm of google , references to both facebook & twitter automatically appears in the first page of the google search.


– Sarang Basutkar


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