(original post at sept 24,2010)

It was close to midnight and I checked in my twitter account when I found the focus of a few people on a twitter quiz by @kweezzz . I had seen a similar quiz a few back by @shreyaghoshal & @quizderek . The kweezzz today was on the topic – “chennai” & I ended up in being one of the fastest ppl to reply . I have seen a number of quizzes but the online quiz or rather twiz- twitter+quiz , as I usually refer to has a good concept behind .

A person posts a question & his followers tends to reply . The quiz master can check out the fastest reply in his timeline & thus suitably reward the winners. Dont tend to underestimate the speed of the answers by the users. I usually find correct answers being given within 30 seconds !

One drawback of twiz is that it largely depends upon the internet connection which you are using . Moreover , there can be server errors for a user as well as the twitter website being “whaled” . I guess the tweet ups will definitely understand ;).

Twiz is an innovative concept & its pretty interesting , if u r interested , follow @kweezzz on twitter .


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