What Twenty19’s startup workshop taught me

Original post in my blogspot on Feb 10 , 2011

It was feb 8 , 2011 – 1pm & I had invited Karthikeyan popularly known as KK to my college. He was here for conducting a workshop . The workshop was all about startups & how to bootstrap your startup .

For all those who are unaware Twenty19 , possibly the best portal in India for internships was founded in 2009 . Here is an insight of what I learnt from the workshop :-

(I will be focussing on website/portal in this post)

Choosing the domain name :-

Possibly the hardest and most important thing during bootstrapping your start . It took 2 weeks for the twenty19 team to choose their domain name . Think , think & think – the only solution for this stage & book early – lest someone else buys that ! ;D

Never outsource :-

Yes , outsourcing is one thing I have always been against . You must never outsource a service/design that forms the key part of your startup . Twenty19 had outsourced their web design in the earlier stages. But I am glad they now have an awesome web designer with them . Big companies do outsource , but they never do it for their core product/service !

Identify your target clients BEFORE starting up :-

This is possibly one big thing I learnt at the workshop . Before starting up identify who your target users will be . Talk & interact with them & ask them their feedback about your product/service . It always gets better with more interaction .

Make “everyone” happy :-

Another big thing in a startup . You need to make everyone related (even the thinnest link) with your startup , happy . Identify who will be the people at profit after your startup & who the losers will be . It does happen in all firms . Make everyone feel benefited in the best way possible.

Capital :-

Capital is one of the most important things for starting up . It could possibly be funded by banks or won from any business contest but capital is directly involved with your start up . Well , this part is left to you – do it in any way you want . You could possibly get a guy , make him pay for the start up & give him some share (inspired by “The social network”). Karthikeyan had made enough money from his previous venture , so the initial capital for twenty19 wasnt really a problem for him .

User Interface :-

Two things that even the dumbest end-user needs – good UI & speed. The better the user interface, the better will be the range of your target users. Its one of the most importants things for a product / portal . Twenty19 is pretty good at this , so must your start up be !

Interaction with end-users :-

This is possibly the reason behind twenty19’s success . They have always been interacting with their end-users & asking them how they can improve the product. Each & every successful firm does this.

Get mentors :-

Karthikeyan does have 11 mentors . Mentors guide you in the right path & act as lamps at darkness.

It was a good session indeed with active audience. SSN did remind Karthikeyan of BITS , Pilani & it was our honour to have him here . Great work twenty19 & hope you enjoyed this post.


One Reply to “What Twenty19’s startup workshop taught me”

  1. I took a course on market capital on twenty19. I wish to share my experience with others so that they don’t have to face the same.
    The course level was very very basic. I understand it was made for beginners, so may be it should start with basics but it ends right there. Even people not interested in capital markets would already know what they say. No topic had any detailed information. The introduction states that take the course and step into the world of capital markets. With what they teach it’s like jumping off a cliff without a parachute. I feel cheated.
    A few videos with a guy’s voice over end abruptly. The videos in beginning with the lady’s voice over has the noises of a baby crying in the background. Even the presentations are too basic with animations a class 5 student would make. They should have been recorded in a studio at least.
    I would recommend you to go through websites like investopedia,com etc. A lot of stuff is explained there for free.
    Just sharing my experience.

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