Champions League T20. Eh?

   I am a cricket fan . Yes , I love cricket. But this year has had just too many cricket matches ! The year began with all the excitement – World Cup 2011 ! I had been waiting for this World Cup for the past 4 years. The 2007 world cup was disappointing for Team India . Back then , Rahul Dravid was the captain and Dhoni was in full form . But just nothing went right in that World Cup – who cares about the win against Bermuda? Poor Dravid !

           The 2011 World Cup began with a lot of optimism . Before the World Cup , I thought both India as well as South Africa deserved the World Cup . The World Cup went on really well – it created history ! 28 years. That moment was back !


The World Cup ended with plenty of celebration and beginning of IPL 4. By now , I had lost almost all  the interest to watch IPL . Two new teams , millions of matches , empty stadiums and a TRP rating which was exponentially decreasing as days passed by. The IPL heat caught up late – only in the semis and finals. CSK won again . Great ! But thats not the end . The IPL was shortly followed by India’s tour of England.

This tour was a much awaited one. But to our dismay , it resulted in a complete washout ! Team India did not even win a match . Winning the series to door ki baat hai. Team England proved to be too strong an opponent. Their line up was amazing . This tour is probably the worst tour for Team India – ever ! So here we are – the viewers & fans are waiting for a revenge – in the England’s tour of India coming up .

But hey wait – cricket for the year is not over . Shah Rukh Khan’s back in the newspapers & TV commercials – not for Ra.One but for Champions League T20 .  We are already tired watching too much of cricket this year . Add to it – the Champions League T20 . More matches , more foreign teams but the same IPL teams ! We are already tired of victories & defeats – we have experienced too much of both this year . We dont want more cricket !

We have had too much of cricket this year – the World Cup , the IPL , the India’s tour of England , the England’s tour of India & now – the Champions League T20 .  Let’s hope Team India goes for a rehab instead of this Champions League T20. We have already had enough defeats this year. We have already  had too many victories. Its time – for a break .

Before I conclude this post – A standing ovation for Rahul Dravid – He has been one of the greatest cricketeers in the world . His dedication and team spirit will be remembered forever.


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