Movers and Shakers – after a decade

Have you heard of Movers & Shakers ? Yeah, the hindi TV show something like  The Late Show with David Letterman, Conan O’Brien or  Craig Ferguson? Yes, the one starring Shekar Suman – the same guy who almost did everything (from stand up comedies to music albums) during the 10 year break !

Movers and Shakers is back – this time not in Sony TV but in Sony’s Sab TV. The talk show is a classic 30 min one which starts out with jokes related to latest news, an interview with a celebrity and finally some comedies to end the show(like Shekar’s top 5) and possibly a song by “The Rubber Band” (Surendhar is still there !). I have always liked talk shows – Letterman, Craig Ferguson have been amazing. Movers and Shakers is one classic talk show which matches the standards of these spectacular TV shows. Such talk shows are heavily dependent on the host – & yes, lot of credit goes to Shekhar Suman ! The timings have been shifted to 11 PM making it a late night show. The best part is the the episodes are available in youtube for seeing later :=) .

Plenty of top notch celebrities this time. I would actually love if this show has guests who are not actors or singers or music directors (just like Sandeep Singh and Sardar Singh from Indian hockey team). Movers and Shakers has been amazing till date. The TV show has heavy social media influence as well. Some improvements in the TV show could be – reading out tweets, letters to the celebrities in the new season. Do watch out .


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