So, Where were we?

It has been a while since I have actually blogged something noteworthy. My last appreciable post was in September 2011 ! (which in itself is a post after all the blog shuffling ). Finally decision making has been great – I have been here on wordpress – it’s just a question of time.

A LOT has changed in my personal & professional life as well in the last 1-1.5 years. Way back in feb 2011, I launched my website (a childhood dream come true) & it has 10000+ visitors/month today.  India has changed a lot – New Delhi metro railway station is now looking like European ones (a dream to every Indian), India has actually won a cricket world cup followed by back to back defeats away, India now has the world’s largest solar power plant – which not only generates electricity but also saves evaporation of water from river canals, India is expected to be world’s strongest economy by 2050. Movers & Shakers is finally back on Television – after 10 years(& is now my favourite TV show) & I have made some BIG decisions in life too .

Lot’s more coming up for you guys!


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