Bollywood Versus IPL

The IPL this season has been the best of the lot. The prelims were spectacular with last ball finishes, unpredictable wins and more importantly – almost every team was performing well and had equal chances for the playoffs. Chennai Super Kings (CSK) qualifying for the playoffs has generated many controversies – after they completed their 16 matches, they needed losses from RR, KXIP, RCB to qualify for the playoffs & guess what? All 3 of them lost. The IPL scripting story starts here. Everyone predicted a CSK win in the final and KKR winning it did soothe many anti-CSK fans.

This IPL season might be scripted. But it has an awesome storyline. Last ball finishes, exciting qualifiers, mystery from Narine, Steyn’s spell of the series and AB’s rampage – this IPL has it all. Unlike the ordinary storylines of many Bollywood movies which make them undesirable to watch, IPL 5 would be the “Avengers” of India if it was a movie. It has made millions to glue on to their TV sets everyday – for almost 2 months!

I believe Bollywood has a lot to learn from this IPL. Firstly, to make great, original storylines that could grasp the attention of the audience throughout the movie. Next, to have unpredictable twists to the movie unlike the usual hero-beats-up-villain scenes throughout the movie. Add to it some outrageous arguments between player-umpires, cameo roles by actors on-field, some ridiculous tweets, IPL has a lot to offer just as Bollywood does.

IPL might be scripted, but even if it is, it’s done extremely well & Bollywood needs to learn some serious stuff from this season’s IPL.


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