Comic Con Express – Bangalore

It was September 8th, a Saturday night. As I was switching the TV channels, two interesting news grasped my attention. One was – KANE is in Bangalore! Something that I had already missed that day – never knew he was coming to India – that too in Bangalore Landmark! The other news was that Comic Con Express was held in Bangalore on Sept 8 & 9, 2012.

I had heard of Comic Con somewhere – was it some kind of comic fair/festival?  I found a few guys in costumes in the news channel and one of them told – “It took me one & half weeks to make this costume”. I decided to check it out the next day. As I called up one of my friends to ask if he’s coming along, he reminded – “The Big Bang Theory”. There you go!

Bangalore is one of the places best to be roamed around with a bus pass. Getting into random buses, not knowing what its destination is – FUN! As I entered the Koramangala Indoor Stadium, I realised that the place was full of like-minded people – comic lovers! Right from DC comics to Amar Chitra Katha to local Indian comics, the place was vibrant. About fifty stalls, people dressed up into various comic characters, exciting comic merchandise, special events by TV Channels, Comic Con Express in Koramangala was one AWESOME event.

I felt that the event could have had more publicity and probably have been BIGGER.  The next Comic Con events in India will be:-

Mumbai Film and Comics Convention: Oct 20-21, 2012

New Delhi – 3rd Annual Indian Comics Convention: Feb 8-10, 2013.
Hope it’s held in Chennai soon.





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