What are good movies?

This question has lingered in my mind for years together – What are good movies? Good – is such a relative term, very subjective. A movie buff will probably have an answer – IMDB rating. So before you watch a movie, you check the IMDB rating & decide whether it’s good or not. I personally consider anything above 7.5 in IMDB to be good. But is that the only criteria? IMDB is more like a poll – the rating is based on the average of different people rating a movie; the top 250 are calculated by a formula which includes the rating the movie as well as the no. of people rating the movie.


Perhaps you already might have an objection – just because so many people rate a movie good/bad, it’s not necessarily that my tastes should match with the majority. For eg: just because Shawshank Redemption is rated as the best movie ever might not necessarily reflect my tastes – I might not even like the movie that much! I would probably tell you that Inception is the best movie ever, but wait a minute – we are starting a very big debate – aren’t we?

I have always liked movies which bring in new concepts. Movies like Inception – great concepts. Equally complex movie(which is why many people don’t like that – or might not consider as the best movie). Christopher Nolan is brilliant. The first Nolan movie which I had seen was definitely Batman Begins. Watching Batman Begins on the first day – in PVR cinemas, Bangalore, a class 10 guy definitely felt a big difference in this Batman movie when compared to any other superhero movie. The difference was realism. Nolan made the superhero – human, he brought in realistic experience. I personally believe The Dark Knight is the movie whether Nolan got his true recognition. I need not explain more about the movie – it’s so awesome – you can watch it yourself – and I guarantee you – you will watch it again! Movies such as Prestige tell us what Nolan is. Inception stands for Innovation. I would rather finish up with Nolan here – you can experience his master-class on your own.

Nolan is the only reason why James Cameron moved to #2 in my favorite movie director’s list. James Cameron might strike you for Avatar or Titanic – definitely some of the best movies or the 90’s guys would love Terminator 2: Judgement Day( Hastala Vista Baby). But my personal favorite would be The Terminator(Terminator > Terminator 2 ? Yeah) for a simple reason – 1984 wasn’t the time when you could visualize advanced computers & AI & everything. Hat’s off to you – Sir. Arguably Avatar was his best movie ever.

Alfred Hitchcock? Steven Spielberg? Quentin Tarantino? Many more. Amongst all of them, I particularly like Hitchcock – possibly the best thriller movies director, ever.

My favorites consist of movies much more than this list. I like movies of every theme(but I particularly want to highlight the above directors)

All of this has probably made a certain impact on you – but they were my personal favorites. Coming back to the general question – a “good” movie may essentially not be reflected from the IMDB rating or say a review – it may only influence you in a certain direction in the end – you decide what is a good movie! In the space age, when we consider even the duration of the movie to be important, I guess a simple check will solve all your problem (of course you can tell whether a movie is good or bad only after watching it). If you never realize how much time it has been watching it, you are watching a great movie! Reading a review, having a look at the IMDB rating is only directional – take up the initiative, watch the movie & decide whether it is “good” or not.


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