Book Review – Street Smarts: Adventures On The Roads and In The Markets by Jim Rogers

Business + travel wonderfully integrated with the nuances & emotions of life. Is there anything else you would want in your work-life harmony?


The book – Street Smarts is written by the American investor, businessman & author Jim Rogers. Considered in the likes of legendary Warren Buffet, Jim Rogers is one of the most famous investors in the world. In this book, Jim begins his journey of life with how he accidentally joins Yale & Oxford eventually landing up in the  Wall Street in the 1970s. He talks about the bull & bear markets and how he learned to cross the markets through the bull & bear times. His strategies on stocks as well as commodities reflects his attitude towards life – that every problem has a solution and every fall is an opportunity to rise stronger than before.

The best part of this book is how it tells about travel as an integral part of life and what Jim learns through travel. Jim has actually travelled around the world thrice! His strategies of integrating travel with markets and learning how businesses are in different countries, learning how a war in one country can raise the price of a commodity through the world, his learning of getting the basics right, supply & demand is a learning for us. At each stage, Jim is constantly “learning” and importance of learning over knowledge makes this book philosophical. This book brilliantly connects the dots, which is very similar to Steve Jobs’ Stanford Commencement speech. You can only connect the dots backwards and I am pretty sure this book is written as an attempt to realize that.

The book also talks about how Jim’s strategies changed through time, a career spanning many decades, why he chose to become a Singapore citizen and wanted to learn Mandarin, on why probably there is a shift in terms of development from the US to the Asian countries in the 21st century.

Street Smarts is an amazing book. The hardcover, optimum font sizes and the way the book is written makes it a brilliant book. If you are interested in investing, business, travel etc then this book is highly recommended. The book is nevertheless important to everyone as it relates the beauty of things in the world and how everything is connected in the world. I started reading this book on an evening & trust me – all that I wanted was to read till I completed it.

Possibly one of the finest books ever.

 Rating: 5/5


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