Book Review: Hot Commodities by Jim Rogers

After Street Smarts (& being considerably impressed by it), Hot Commodities seemed a logical sequel for reading. This book gives an introduction about the commodities market, something which you might find in your copy of Economic Times or WSJ, but which is difficult to comprehend. The book starts by making you familiar with terms which are increasingly used in the futures market. If you have already read Street Smarts, you will definitely find the similarity in writing-style, concepts and strategies. However, the most important thing about this book is the fundamentals of economics are hard-tuned with it. The concepts of demand and supply and how it affects the commodities market is something that every investor should keep in mind. The book primarily deals with how the prices of various commodities, listed in the futures market, have changed historically. As Jim tries to analyse the reasons behind a particular rise or fall, you start to understand why the fundamentals are important.


However, if you have read other Jim Roger books, you would find some of the concepts repetitive. But it is important to understand that unlike triology sagas, this book is standalone. If you are interested in business books and thinking about a quick summer read, grab this book!

Verdict: Great introduction to commodities. Must read for everyone who is interested in both equities and commodities.

Rating: 3.5/5


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