Ideas for

I remember the days when my table always had a dictionary since it was super helpful when I came across an unknown word. That is so 1990s.

Today, the best solution to this would be “googling” the word. If you are fond of vocabulary, like me, might be the perfect website/app for you. In fact, one of the android apps that I first installed was!


The feature, that I feel distinguishes from other online dictionaries is its ability to save your “favorite” words. In other words, when you forget the meaning of a word or want to use it again, you can always look up your favorites on the app. Another impressive feature is its offline dictionary.

However, I feel has tremendous amount of potential that can be unleashed as it scales to the next level. Here are some of my ideas that I feel can be implemented:

  • Syncing website and android/iOS apps: A feature that lacks is its ability to sync desktop/website and mobile apps. Imagine a situation where you could favorite words and store/sync on any device!
  • Pop quiz: Possibly the most important reason why someone would use would be to improve his/her vocabulary. How about creating some games that can improve your vocabulary? May be something like a pop quiz to test if you can recollect your favorite words?

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